Welcome, friends, to the ‘Awakening the Plane of Eliyahu’ campaign!

The First Step

Before deciding what kind of character you want to play, you all need to agree on one thing: what race will you play as? You must all be members of the same race. Each race will receive a bonus that applies throughout the campaign. Here are the descriptions of the bonuses (actual stats to follow, eventually).

  • Elves: Bonuses in elf lands and/or lands friendly to elves.
  • Humans: Bonuses when interacting with other friendly races.
  • Dwarves: Bonuses in subterranean/indoors/enclosed spaces.
  • Halflings: Bonuses while outdoors in towns, villages and cities.
  • Gnomes: Bonuses while outdoors in non-urban areas (forests, etc.).
  • Half-Elves: Bonuses when interacting with other hostile races.
  • Half-Orcs: Bonuses in non-orc lands and/or lands owned by other hostile races.

Awakening the Plane of Eliyahu

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